Target marketing is a powerful way to reach your audience and make them feel special. Tetella target marketing features allow you to personalize the messages and deliver them to the desired target group in just a few clicks.

Building Target Marketing Leads

Build quality lists from instant-win surveys and enter-to-win games on your website, in-store visitors, or social networks. Tetella campaigns will collect the leads and analyze them and group them into different segmentations automatically.

Building Leads

Lead Segmentation

Lead segmentation is the process of dividing the contacts on your list into smaller groups,  Tetella will automatically group the contact list base on the answers provided by the users.  Simply go to the Analyze Result page, select the group that's already automatically categorized.

Lead Segmentation

Send Target Marketing Email and SMS

Tetella makes it easy for you to send news and updates to the group you selected. Simply select the group, then you will have a choice to send them email or SMS messages in a few clicks.

Send Target Marketing Email

Download Target Marketing List

The contact list can be easily downloaded and import to any email marketing software of your choice.  Simply select the group, then you will have a choice to download the contacts in Excel, TXT, or CSV format.

Download Target Marketing List
Tetella Features

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