70 percent of customers say that coupons breed loyalty to a brand, and over 50 percent said coupons make them feel rewarded. Digital coupons are proven effective to attract more new customers and repeat orders.

Deliver coupons through instant-win games

Tetella's instant-win coupons are a fun way to get more customer feedback and sell more products or services at the same time. You'll see more customer engagements and a higher engagement rate if you reward your customers with discounts.

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Survey Creator with Instant-Win Game

Total control of the winning chances

Tetetlla's instant-win coupon maker will give you full control of what to win and when to win.  First, you will need to enter the total number of wins, then set the possibility of each winning prize.


Coupons rules and expiration date

Coupons are a great way to attract new customers to try your service or products. You can set the coupon rules such as the expiration date and specific redemption instructions per your needs.

Coupon Maker Control

Online to Offline (O2O) Redemption Button

The digital coupon redemption button can bring customers from the internet to your physical store. Simply press the redemption button, this will track how many times each customer redeems their coupons and prevents people from reusing them!

Coupon Maker Redemption Button
Tetella Features

Tetella provides everything you need to win more happy customers