Enter-to-win sweepstakes have been a favorite lead generation tool. An instant-win sweepstake will make a sweepstake even more fun and appealing that will help you generate more leads, and increase the conversion rate of your product or services.

Generate Leads with Instant-Win Games

Instant-win games are a fun way to generate leads. Whether you’re trying to get potential customers through your website or promote your products on social media, it’s easy for businesses of all sizes and across industries to create instant win sweepstakes that give players an exciting experience while also promoting their brand. These contests can be as simple as giving prizes out or giving discount coupons so you can promote the sales and get customer emails at the same time.

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Increase Sales with Instant-Win Coupons

According to recent research, almost 70 percent of customers say that coupons breed loyalty to a brand. They are enticed by exclusive offers, and over 50 percent said that these kinds of offers make them feel rewarded. Digital coupons are proven effective to attract more new customers and repeat orders. Tetella Coupon Maker allows you to create coupons in the instant-win game with the coupon redemption function so you can manage and monitor the coupon usages.

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Coupon Maker

Increase Conversion with Targeted Remarketing

Targeted remarketing is an effective and cost-efficient way to increase your return on investment by targeting specific audiences who already experienced your product or services. Tetella Targeted Remarketing features allows you to send bulk email or SMS to specific groups base on their experience and segmentation, so you can customize your marketing messages and deliver them in a few clicks.

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